Saturday, June 20, 2009


I just released the first version of TwainDotNet, a TWAIN library for the .net framework. It is an open source, MIT licensed work built on top of Thomas Scheidegger's article from The Code Project: .NET TWAIN image scanner.

I had two main reasons for starting the project on Firstly code attached to an article provides no way for people to collaborate. There is no issue tracking, not place to feed back changes, etc. Secondly, I wanted to change the code to work with WPF and feed those changes back to everyone else!

So anyway the code is now up there and an initial binary available for download. I've picked the MIT license since it seems to fit the spirit of Thomas's original public domain dedication but with limitation of liability. And hopefully now there will be a bit more collaboration! :)


On a side note I've tried out Mercurial for the first time. The python based TortoiseHg is not quite as polished at TortoiseSvn but it is still very easy to use. I will seriously be thinking about moving my other Subversion projects over to Mercurial at a point in the future...

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